Found art critique 2


As cute as this little smiley is, I find that this particular image fails to send across any sort of message or interest. The blurred out background makes it impossible to know where this is. Sometimes this creates mystery but its obvious that in this image that its only focused on the ball. I believe that had they shown the background more clearly that it would add to the image. Also, one half of the ball is extremely light, while the other is extremely dark. Although I like tonal range, with the subject in question being the only focus in the whole image it makes it to busy. To much going on in one place with nothing to help balance it out.

Needs work. 4/10


Found Art critique 1


OMG its Link! this is a totally awesome piece of found art photography. It may not use the rule of thirds, but I feel that the framing looks quite nice in the image. The angle that the photo was taken at is also quite nice and allows us a clear view of the subject and still gives us an interesting view of the graffiti background. The lighting is also very even, there are no high lights or low lights. Normally this would be awkward, but I believe that it works quite well for this image

Overall, totally epic. 10/10