the TEN things Garry Winogrand can teach you: review!

1) Shoot, a lot.

It’s like in the Finding Nemo song ‘Just keep swimming’. ‘Just keep shooting!’

I haven’t really gotten into street photography yet so i don’t follow this rule. This is because I keep worrying that someones gonna hit me for taking their picture.


2) Don’t hesitate and follow your gut.

If you see a shoot, take it. That’s what this one means.

As mentioned above I also have issues with this. I need to find a way to be less afraid of people…


3) Smile when shooting on the streets.

Basically, get involved.

Ya, no.


4) Don’t shoot from the hip.

Look through your viewfinder or you won’t have control over your framing.

Finally a rule I follow.


5) Don’t crop.

You’ll get into the mindset of never trying to get it right in the field.

I occasionally crop, usually only if i made a huge mistake though.


6) Emotionally detach yourself from your photographs.

That way you can make an unbiased analysis on the quality.

I agree and disagree. some photos revolve around emotional meaning.


7) Look at great photographs.

Get inspired.



8) Focus on Form and content.




9) Become inspired by things outside of photography.

Take inspiration from the world.

I do.


10) Love life.

Photography comes second.

pretty mcuh


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